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Ponderings about the reference field


It's a real mess IMHO...

I think most of the issues comes from the reference m_Text needing to
contain the 'full' reference, instead of only the reference field. Why
is that?

Because it's also an EDA_TEXT which draws m_Text without passing from
GetText(), simply (there may be other reasons). The fact that complex
hierarchies exist only aggravate the issue :(((

From a pure modelling standpoint the SCH_FIELD(REFERENCE) should only
contain the base reference. But then it wouldn't be shown properly. Even
if we make EDA_TEXT go through GetText and override (as it is now)
GetText to get the 'full' reference, we would lose the


invariant, which is actually what give the problem.

As a quick hack I'd would suggest a GetBaseText (as proposed) which
would *strip* the subpart ID from the reference; I feel that would be
extremely wrong and source of further problems...

OTOH why the GetRef function would need the SCH_SHEET_PATH to work?
hasn't the SCH_COMPONENT already have the needed infos?

I think a more 'elegant' solution would be:

- The field itself (its m_Text) *always* contains the reference without
  subpart ID. That would rid of many (all?) of the current
  SetText(GetText) calls.
- The EDA_TEXT would follow a MVC route and use a virtual override
  (something like GetPresentationText) to allow runtime generation of
  the text (the default would be a no-op).
- SCH_FIELD having access to the component via the m_Parent link would
  override the GetPresentationText to correctly show the subid (this
  would also handle the GOST variant)
- SCH_COMPONENT would get the GetRef() and GetFullRef() members to
  obtain the reference (with or without subpart id). This would also
  clean some of the usage of GetField(REFERENCE)->GetText()
- Need to inspect all the GetField(REFERENCE) to ensure it's getting the
  correct stuff

Not easy but I can't devise a more simple/elegant solution.

How do you feel about that?

Lorenzo Marcantonio
Logos Srl

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