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Patch for hand-modifiable issue date


As discussed before, this add *manual* date changing in both eeschema
and pcbnew. I simply added a field in the page box and removed what
remained active of the automatic date change machinery. The I/O part was
actually already there (commented out).

This helps who need to handle the document date; it does *not* handle
the modification automatically, i.e. you have to enter the date
manually. But manual date is better that no date at all.

Two things I've doubts on:
1) The OnChange events in the dialog... I feel they are not necessary
   (as already discussed) but I added one anyway for the field. The
   performance hit is not-existant, anyway.

2) Why the VCS people have issue for the auto date change on pcbnew and
   not on eeschema? It seemed to me than on eeschema the autochange was
   still functioning (but I'm not sure, it's a very busy period this...)

Also bzr diffed the whole form builder files for eols... I hate when it
does that. I hope that soon the 'problem' will go away (xml files are
somewhat poorly diffable anyway)

Lorenzo Marcantonio
Logos Srl

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