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Re: Hotkey for moving zone corner?


On 06/25/2013 05:32 AM, Chris Morgan wrote:
> I searched but couldn't find a hotkey for moving zone edges or a command to do so in the
> hotkey list. Should I send a patch to add a new hotkey for that?
> Chris

I last used zone editing quite some time ago, on a board with over 10 zones.

I don't know enough about current behavior to be helpful, will find out in another day,
doing a new board now.

When I last looked, the biggest difficulty with zone editing was hit-testing of the zone
edges.  At that time it would often not find the edge correctly, and when it did, it would
find one from a neighboring zone on the same layer as well.  This may have improved.

The hotkey by comparison, for me, is a smaller need than accurate hit-testing, and I
personally see no reason to oppose such a new feature.

Your hotkey will also have to contend with hit-testing, should use the same code as mouse
does, at least after the dust settles.


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