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Re: FW: oudated version in distributions


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> From: Milan Horák <stranger@xxxxxxxxxx>
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> Sent: Friday, July 12, 2013 12:06 AM
> Subject: [Kicad-developers] FW: oudated version in distributions
> Předmět:     oudated version in distributions
> Datum:     Thu, 11 Jul 2013 10:26:36 -0300
> Od:     Lucas Pirolla <lucas.pirolla@xxxxxxxxx>
> Komu:     stranger@xxxxxxxxxx
> Hi there
> Why are the distributions' versions of kicad so outdated?  Like an year
> ago in Debian!
> Best regards
> Lucas

Debian in particular has many issues to resolve so it is not at all surprising that the released version of KiCad is so old.  If you run Debian (as I do), just pull in the latest source with bzr and build it. Unfortunately this means that you have to take care that you don't break things (well, more that the developers didn't break something and you pulled it in).  Things don't break too frequently though and the developers are pretty quick to address problems, so as a rule I'd download and build the latest and continue using whatever version I installed unless I need to upgrade to fix a bug.  Simply updating all the time is not a good idea since the code is being reworked extensively and there will be occasional broken builds.

- Cirilo