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Re: Fwd: KiCAD Title block problems


Le 21/07/2013 20:06, Milan Horák a écrit :

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Předmět:     KiCAD Title block problems
Datum:     Sun, 21 Jul 2013 10:51:19 -0700
Od:     Ulrich Schmidt <ucschmidt@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Komu:     stranger@xxxxxxxxxx

     I have been using your releases of Windows-Kicad for some time. The
latest 4 releases have a much larger Title Block (paper size = A ). This
makes it impossible to edit older schematics without having to move
everything up.
     It would be very useful if KiCAD would allow custom Title blocks. At
work I have always customized Title Blocks with Logos and special fields.
    KiCAD is a wonderful software package. Very stable and easy to learn
and use.

Ulrich Schmidt,
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Be happy:
I am currently working on a title block editor (called a page layout editor (Pl_Editor), because a page layout is a title block + some other things like frame (or grid) references.
The change in title block is due to this work.
This is a work which is helped by the CERN.

It allows customized title blocks, with logos and special fields.

The release is a matter of days.
I just need to fix some requirements for GOST users.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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