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Re: About the new Pl_Editor tool.


Le 23/07/2013 15:47, Константин Барановский a écrit :
I'm a little test the new PageLayout editor.

First, thanks you to take the time to test Pl editor and make a GOST title block.

The first thing that I noticed
- not properly numbered items (the first ten - 1, then the next ten - 10,

Fixed now (temporary fix: names are renewed each time a new item is added, but perhaps there is a better way to fix it)

but after corrected numbering manually with a text editor began to work
correctly). Second - properties from "General option" tab and from "Default
value" section is always stored with the following values:
(setup (textsize 1.5 1.5) (linewidth 0.15) (textlinewidth 0.15)

Fixed now.

And finally - for the lines that go beyond the "Page margins" does not work
feature repeat the item.

Repeat items are drawn only if they are contained in the allowed area, therefore inside the area defined by the paper size minus the margins.
this is a normal behavior (otherwise the margins are useless)

However this behavior is not always convenient in Pl_Editor
(perhaps Pl_Editor needs an option to always displays repeated items, even outside the page).

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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