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datasheets as URIs


I've found it easier to correspond with board stuffers if I use http:// links to
datasheets rather than putting them on my disk.  Plus this way the schematic parts which
link to them in the DATASHEET property/field are suddenly more general and cross project

I typically include the datasheet column in the BOM, so the board stuffer gets the sheet

So I added a button to show the datasheet row in the 2 property editors this morning.
Commit record:

EHNANCE: add a "Show" button to the two text field properties
dialogs which allow editing of component properties. The button
is active when the table row cursor is on the DATASHEET field only.
When active, and your datasheet is a URI, then your default
browser will be launced to show that datasheet if it can find it.
This incentivizes use of http:// links for datasheets.

Too bad my brain's built in spell checker is declining.



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