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Re: About the sexp format


On Wed, Aug 14, 2013 at 01:44:32PM -0500, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
> I like our format and it works.  I am unwilling to change it for a single user of lisp.

It was just a proposal to make it more amenable to other languages to parse...
parsing 470p as a string without expecting a string is tricky. And,
anyway, is completely backward compatible (and even better
you recognize strings from keywords).

Anyway if you are unwilling to take even a backward compatible
enhancement, I have no problem, I'll keep the modification for myself.

> a) see OUTPUT_FORMATTER::Quote{s,w}

Thanks, I found it. To try I simply removed the initial if in Quotes and
everything works as expected. Except a little buglet, which is harmless
without forced quoting, but it nonetheless 'formally' incorrect:

in PCB_IO::format( TEXTE_MODULE* aText, int aNestLevel ) the text type
(which is a keyword, not a string) is passed to the quote string (so
forced quoting breaks the keyword). I handled it like the hatch type
a little below:

@@ -1207,13 +1207,13 @@
     MODULE*  parent = (MODULE*) aText->GetParent();
     double   orient = aText->GetOrientation();
-    wxString type;
+    std::string type;
     switch( aText->GetType() )
-    case TEXTE_MODULE::TEXT_is_REFERENCE: type = wxT( "reference" );     break;
-    case TEXTE_MODULE::TEXT_is_VALUE:     type = wxT( "value" );         break;
-    default:                              type = wxT( "user" );
+    case TEXTE_MODULE::TEXT_is_REFERENCE: type = "reference";     break;
+    case TEXTE_MODULE::TEXT_is_VALUE:     type = "value";         break;
+    default:                              type = "user";
     // Due to the Pcbnew history, m_Orient is saved in screen value
@@ -1222,7 +1222,7 @@
         orient += parent->GetOrientation();
     m_out->Print( aNestLevel, "(fp_text %s %s (at %s",
-                  m_out->Quotew( type ).c_str(),
+                  type.c_str(),
                   m_out->Quotew( aText->GetText() ).c_str(),
                   FMT_IU( aText->GetPos0() ).c_str() );

I am happy to see that layer names *are* quoted, so future expansion is not impeded.

> b) see <kisrc>/Documentation/s-expressions.txt

I'll look in it.

> c) keywords are always lowercase ASCII.  The rest of the file is UTF8 with no restrictions
> on case.

Ok, so case is significant

> d) multiline strings in the datatree are single line strings in the file, with a separator
> of "slash n", visible.

Thanks for the info, it hasn't changed too much then

Lorenzo Marcantonio
Logos Srl

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