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boost_root driven by https


KiCad Developers:

Anyway I've looked, building some compiled libraries for boost is required and I have
augmented CMakeModules/download_boost.cmake to conditionally build some compiled boost
libraries, although that support is not enabled yet.  There is an alternate execution path
in that module that does what it did before except for a new header file location.

I have the boost build scripts mostly done, but want to take a break so I am committing
what I have done so far.

The net effect of this upcoming commit, short term, is that the boost headers are moved into




This immediately paves the way for a sensible <kicad_src>/boost_root/libs/* as needed and
as used in the alternate execution path in download_boost.cmake.

It also smoked out some bugs in our build scripts which were using a bogus
Boost_INCLUDE_DIR variable, which was dis-functional, but now is functional.

If you have any problems with it let me know.

(Thinking of ramifications across 3 platforms has taken its toll.  I can however see a
clear path forward, and will be back at this within a week or two after I recharge my
batteries.  My current thinking is to try and use boost::async and forgo use of other
networking libraries on top of that.  On windows we will have to pick up openssl support,
and that may mean insisting on the python install to pull it from python a-mingw-us.  I
build it there, but not in DLL form yet.)


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