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PlEditor issues


Hi Jean-Pierre,

I've had a quick go with PlEditor, and I noticed a few things:

(1) In the General Options tab under the Properties pane on the right hand
side I noticed the tab order of the controls appears to be broken. You
can't tab between any of the controls.

(2) If you select text then move the mouse into the page layout view the
selection is removed. I noticed whilst trying to select the margin values
to change them.

(3) When editing a text object the Text Height and Text Width fields are
have opposite meanings so editing the height alters the text width.

(4) When saving a page layout the .kicad_wks extension doesn't get added to
the filename.

I noticed that even with the standard sheet, the legend expands to include
space for all four comments. Has this always been the case? I thought that
part of the page layout used to collapse if the comments weren't used and
only expanded if they did?

Anyway, it doesn't matter much to me now because I can just remove them
from my layout! ;-)

Apart from that it looks pretty good. I've longed to be able to edit the
page layout for so long, thanks so much for adding the functionality!

Best Regards,


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