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Re: SVG -> Cu Layer


On 08/20/2013 11:49 AM, Almustafa wrote:
> Good day...
> I want use the kicad in the qtouch applications.
> Sample:
> http://space.ednchina.com/Upload/2009/4/27/678c6f5d-bec2-4262-afd9-bc2617e4af4b.JPG
> I design in SVG the component, but this I can't import to Kicad to Cu Layer.
> In really, this should be fill zone.
> In Altium Designer exist a wizard for this elements.
> http://wiki.altium.com/download/attachments/19693586/DefaultMediumQTouchWheel.png
> I want this.. How I help you?

It seems like this may be possible using python scripting, especially one that uses
wxPython to show the full GUI deal.

That's how you could help, just do it.  :)