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The Selection Tool improvements


Ladies and gentlemen,

Here comes another portion of goodies for the selection tool. I would be very grateful for some testing/opinions/suggestions, before I propose them for merging. The newest changes are available in the branch lp:~cern-kicad/kicad/selection_tool.
From now on, you can:
- edit properties of items using the default KiCad dialogs (double click on an item or select an item and then choose properties from the context menu/press 'E')
- remove items
- changes are stored in the default KiCad undo buffer, so they are consistent between renderers (you may do some changes using the default tools and revert them while using GAL or the other way round) - you do not need to explicitly turn on the selection tool, it is enabled by default and it stays active forever - the bottom status bar is updated, showing informations about the selected item
- file modification flag is updated after a change is done
- pads are not changeable anymore, as it does not work well with the KiCad's way of handling footprints (they should be rather modified using the footprint editor)

Although the plan [1] is still not fully realized, the update should allow to design a PCB using mostly the GAL renderer. It may seem that there is a bug regarding bounding box of selected texts, but it is resolved in another branch that I am going to propose for merging soon.

Using the opportunity, I would like to, on behalf of our small CERN KiCad group, wish peaceful and joyful Christmas to the whole KiCad community.


[1] http://www.ohwr.org/projects/cern-kicad/wiki/selection-tool