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Drawing tools for GAL


Ladies and gentlemen,

This time our branch [lp:~cern-kicad/kicad/drawing_tool] brings some drawing tools to the GAL canvas in pcbnew. The most important changes: - tools are bound to the respective buttons on the right toolbar (there is no "Selection tool" or "Interactive router" entry in menu) - new tools make possible to draw zones, lines, circles, arcs (the last one is a improved a bit; '/' changes the direction of arc) and place modules, texts, dimensions and targets
- you can change the line width while drawing (using -/+ keys)
- by default you can draw lines/zones at any angle; to enable 45 degree mode (resembling push and shove router) you may hold Ctrl while drawing - after selecting a single graphical item, you will see edit points that allow you to modify vertices by dragging them; it also supports 45 degree mode activated by holding Ctrl

You may have a look on a short demo presenting the mentioned features: https://vimeo.com/88430298 (or even better - build the branch and test it yourself).

Next features in the plan:
- edit points for dimensions
- drawing drc markers
- updating coordinates displayed on the statusbar (cursor position)
- support for some missing hot keys (e.g. zoom in/out, changing layers)
- configuration dialog & menus for the Push & Shove router
- fix a number of places where pcb is updated in the default canvas, but the GAL canvas had to be switch back and forth to show the changes


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