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Module editor upgrade


Ladies and gentlemen,

We have just reached the next step of our development plan. We would like to offer you a refurbished module editor, extended with the GAL and the Tool Framework. Besides the new graphic engine, you will find there: - layer widget - to select the drawing layer before you start creating graphics (including Edge.Cuts layer) - drawing tools - already known from the layout editor (draggable items, point editor, line splitting, etc.) - copy and paste using reference points - feel the power of instant replication
- align/distribute - to save you some time on precise mouse movements
- pad enumeration tool - that is the missing piece in the lightning fast footprint creation process - DXF import - we do not blame you if you prefer other graphic utils (it is possible mostly due to efforts of Jean-Pierre Charras, the main author of DXF import code)

We invite you to watch a short video, in which you may see the new features in action. To give you an example, there is a part on how to draw a QFN64 footprint in less than 2 minutes:

The code is available for testing in the repository: https://code.launchpad.net/~cern-kicad/kicad/module_editor After a period of testing, it will be merged to the product branch. You may help shortening the time by letting us know if everything works as expected.

I feel obliged to say thank you to the KiCad community that gave us a few thoughts regarding improvements. We should ask you more often, you have great ideas.


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