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Re: Module editor branch merged


W dniu 2014-07-15 16:53, jp charras pisze:
Le 14/07/2014 16:51, Maciej Sumiński a écrit :
Dear Developers,

After a period of testing, the module-editor branch [1] has just been
merged to the product branch. Besides the conversion of the module
editor to GAL


There is a redraw/refresh issue on Windows only (using wxWidgets 3.0.1).

After switching to GAL (one can use only the F11 key to do that) there
is no more GAL screen redraw/refresh, after clicking on a menu or a
dialog, for instance after clicking on the layer manager, or the PnS
dialog setup.
This is also true after clicking on the pcbframe main menu or any popup
This is the reason one cannot switch to GAL from the main menu.

Note also when switching to gal, the first time you switch to gal using
the F11 key, there is no GAL screen redraw/refresh.
You have to press the F9 and then the F11 key, in order to have a
working GAL screen (until you click on a popup menu).

When the GAL screen is no more redrawn, just press F9 an then F11 to
reactivate the refresh.


Thank you for the report - I have just built KiCad under Windows to check it and I confirm the symptoms. It is a serious issue that I was not aware of and noone has reported that before. I will let you know once I consider it fixed.


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