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Re: Modules missing linked in generated fp-lib-table in MacOS


Le 23/11/2015 17:29, Adam Wolf a écrit :
> Hi folks,
> I looked into this a bit.  I don't generate a fp-table-lib, I use the
> one from the kicad-library repository.  It has a TO_SOT_Packages_SMD.pretty.
> I can see it on github
> fine: https://github.com/KiCad/TO_SOT_Packages_SMD.pretty
> My scripts use the Github API to download all the pretty libraries on
> the official KiCad account. When I use the github API to get a list of
> all the KiCad libraries, by going
> to https://api.github.com/orgs/KiCad/repos?per_page=2000, I do not see
> TO_SOT_Packages_SMD.pretty!
> I figured it was probably just too new, but TO_SOT_Packages_SMD.pretty
> is at least 4 months old!
> Does anyone have any ideas why it wouldn't show up there?
> Adam Wolf
> Cofounder and Engineer
> W&L

per_page=2000 does not work since a long time.
AFAIK per_page=99 is the max.

You need to import the full list using pages
Something like ?per_page=99&page=n, with n = 1, 2 ..., until you receive
an empty page (currently n =1 and 2).

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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