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Re: [PATCH] Enhanced arc tool in pcbnew


On 14.03.2017 16:44, John Beard wrote:
> Hi,
> This is something I've bene toying with for a little while: an
> enhanced overlay and construction method for arcs in Pcbnew.
> The flashiest part is the new overlay, which is similar to the ruler
> tool in concept and feel and uses many of the same utility functions.
> New features for the tool are ability to "go back" with backspace and
> snap angles with the Ctrl key.
> It introduces a couple of new classes, which, as members of
> common/preview_items, can theoretically be used from other GAL
> canvases for implementing similar tools.
> I tried to genericise the event loop code, but failed to make it much
> clearer, so I put it back: it's still a custom event lootp in
> DRAWING_TOOL::drawArc.

Hi John,

Great job again, I vote for merging it. BTW - do you think it would be
worth to extend the arc tool with more drawing modes? For example,
defining an arc with a constant angle by its two endpoints?


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