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Re: [PATCH] CW/CCW rotation in GAL


Hello, Jon!

On 2017-03-30 11:07, John Beard wrote:
> Hi,
> When CW/CCW rotation was added in GAL (7045ed92f), the tool actions
> didn't correct for the internal represention of angles, so CW/CCW were
> reversed. This patch fixes that. I failed to notice the comment "//
> TODO rotate CCW" was wrong. On the other hand, it seems only one
> person actually noticed since Feb 4th :-p, including myself.
> Now, eeschema standard rotate (R) is CW, but legacy Pcbnew "Rotate+"
> (also R) is CCW.
> I have not changed the hotkey assignment for the GAL actions, so it
> now matches eeschema, not legacy mode. I think that CW-default is the
> better default?

I would strongly prefer to use the mathematically positive rotation (CCW) by default.

R -> CCW (Rotate +)    and    Shift-R -> CW (Rotate -)

Simply because it's what the majority of applications use...



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