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Re: Kicad request, wish list


Hi Oksana,

This feature has been requested and discussed in the past.  There may
even be a bug report for it in our bug tracker.

You could use the array tool in the GAL canvas but it's not very usable
for large boards due to speed issues.

I personally don't have the time to work on this.  Maybe one of our
other developers has the time to help you out.

As far as getting this done before the next stable release, that may be
asking a lot.  We are hoping to branch the next stable release within
the next month or two.  Once we make a new stable release branch, no new
features will be committed to the stable branch and will be merged to
the development branch for the next stable release.

We typically do paid work through the donations via CERN which you can
find on our website.  In the past, donors have paid for specific
features so you should be able to do this as well.  You are free to pay
developers directly but you are responsible for making that happen.
Please keep in mind that paying developer does not insure that a feature
will make it into KiCad.  That still requires approval from the KiCad
development team and project leader (me).  Thank you for your interest
in supporting KiCad.  Hopefully someone will have the time to help you out.



On 4/13/2017 8:16 AM, Oksana Gryndak wrote:
> Hello
> I'm wondering if it's possible to add functions to the program as in this script Replicating pcbnew new for arrayed sheets https://kicad.mmccoo.com/2017/02/01/replicating-pcbnew-new-for-arrayed-sheets/ and how here Panelize Http://projects.borg.ch/electronics/kicad/panelize.html
> I can pay / donate to get this feature in the next release of KiCAD if it can be done quickly.