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Re: Undo/Redo behavior across schematic



On 18.04.2017 14:55, Jon Evans wrote:

> In my opinion, a schematic with multiple sheets is not like a text
> editor with multiple documents.  The schematic editor is working on a
> single project, and it should be way more common to apply operations
> (that might want to be undone) to all schematic sheets, than it is to
> apply operations across all files you happen to have open in a text
> editor (other than "find in files", of course).

However, global undo/redo is a lot less flexible than per-sheet. I've
had a few cases where I needed to undo a change on a specific sheet
after doing something else on another sheet.

Especially for global changes I might want to roll back a change on all
but one sheet, and then handle that sheet manually because I did
something else on top.

Also, global undo/redo might become a bit more complicated by shared
subsheets, which is also something I use often.


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