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Re: New feature: support for Gerber job file.


Le 30/08/2017 à 13:40, Marcos Chaparro a écrit :
> For simple jobs I tell the manufacturer layer count and pcb thickness, both parameters are available
> in design rules->layers setup

Sure, for simple jobs, this is enough.

But in more tricky cases ( impedance controlled boards, or boards using large tracks for high
currents ), you need to add a lot more info.
For instance:
- Dielectric thickness for each layer (and sometimes dielectric constant and thickness tolerance for
impedance controlled ).
  It is not always the (pcb thickness) / (number of layers-1)
- Copper layers thickness (not necessary the same for all layers).
- Where are the core and prepeg layers.
- Color of solder masks and/or silk screen
- The finishing of external copper layers
and certainly more...

Of course, you can send this info to the manufacturer in a text file written by hand, but
a board layers stack editor and the associated Gerber job file are a convenient way to manage these
Moreover, a board layers stack editor could help to manage blind/buried vias constraints.
(Currently there is no constraint for blind/buried vias, but many manufacturers have constraints)

> Silkscreen and soldermask colors are somehow stored for 3Dviewer, maybe they are not stored in a
> usable way.

Not usable, because it does not live in the .kicad_pcb file but in your user preferences.

> Cheers
> Marcos>
> On Wed, Aug 30, 2017 at 8:16 AM, jp charras <jp.charras@xxxxxxxxxx <mailto:jp.charras@xxxxxxxxxx>>
> wrote:
>     Hi all,
>     I just committed a basic support for Gerber job file.
>     The purpose of a Gerber job file is to handle info needed for board manufacturing.
>     Because (unfortunately) Pcbnew has not actual support of the board layers stack, info about layer
>     stack, dielectric and copper thickness, silkscreen color, finishing external copper layers... is not
>     output in the job file.
>     However, this job file contains (among a few other useful parameters) the list of Gerber plot files
>     created by the plot dialog, and loading this file by Gerbview loads also all Gerber files created by
>     this plot dialog.
>     Please, try it.
>     --
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Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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