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Re: application for svg to png


Le 30/08/2017 à 19:48, Simon Wells a écrit :
> currently cmake is setup to use inkscape and only inkscape for doing
> the svg to png conversion, on osx at least this is broken (only
> visibly broken when you enable MAINTAIN_PNGS), its also really slow
> loading inkscape on osx,
> I was doing some testing and found that rsvg could easily create
> comparible files and with some effort likely imagemagick could as
> well.
> Would anyone be against switching to rsvg for the conversion?

Me, because I have some concerns:

If you are making conversion, this is certainly because you have created a new icon (or modified a
old one).

Blindly switching to rsvg is not a good idea.
Using the available tool (inkscape or other available tool like rsvg) to make a conversion of this
new icon is of course acceptable.

- it is unlikely you recreate the same .cpp files with an other tool, from the same .svg files.
In other words, the full set of .cpp icons could be updated on master each time a icon is created.
For me this is already a problem when I recreate these files with a recent Inkscape version.
I need to revert all modified .cpp files that are created from a not modified .svg file.
(Remember there are 500 .cpp icon files)
- I am not thrilled by installing (and learning) many tools just to manage svg icons.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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