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Re: [PATCH] Math expression support for pad editor.


On 31.08.2017 15:27, Russell Oliver wrote:
> Hi All. 
> As a follow up to my earlier post, attached is a patch that implement
> math expressions in the pad editor as well. 
> A nifty feature is that the fields can be referenced from each other.
> currently the fields are referenced by the following names. 
> - posx, posy, sizex, sizey, offsetx, offsetx, drillx, drillx. 

Hi Russell,

Didn't have the time to check your patch yet, but I came up with an
idea: add global variable support to the math parser, so that if you
place a text anywhere in the design assigning to a variable (e.g.
var=10), it will be updated in any of the expressions that reference it.


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