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Re: [PATCH] Add mils as user unit


Le 04/09/2017 à 14:58, Tomasz Wlostowski a écrit :
> On 03.09.2017 18:29, Mathias Grimmberger wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> below is a patch to add "mils" as a user unit to pcbnew, the gerber
>> viewer and the module editor. I left out eeschema because I do not think
>> it's useful there, but if required adding it would be easy.
>> I probably missed some places needing modification. In any case somebody
>> with the requisite skills needs to create a proper toolbar icon for
>> mils.
> Hi all,
> I tested this patch and I consider it very useful. If there's no
> objections (Wayne, JP?), I'd like to merge it as soon as possible (+
> make icon as a bonus ;-)
> Cheers,
> Tom
>> Have fun,
>> MGri

No objection.
I just made a small test, without problem.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS