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1: GAL Bug with Window Buttons


Hi all,

Background: My father is a hardware engineer, he has been doing it since the early 70s learning in the RAAF, laying boards using tape, so he has a lot of experience. He is retired, but still likes to design boards, and I have convinced him to give KiCAD a go. He has been using old versions of Altium and still uses Protel 99SE, but would like to use KiCAD because he doesn't want to use windows in a VM any more if he can avoid it, he wants to use Linux native.

He has a number of problems adapting to the software and I will lay those out over three messages, one is a clear bug in GAL, the others are not as clear, although I think his criticisms have merit and are useful to consider. He is using the nightly build from PPA, so all the criticisms are directed to KiCAD at that state.

1. The window sliders/buttons on the GAL Canvas do not function.

If you press left/right/up/down, nothing happens.

If you click the mouse in the slider space, the slider bar moves, but nothing updates on the screen.

The only thing the sliders do is if you grab them and drag them, the canvas updates.

In Legacy, these buttons/sliders work as expected and one would imagine they should do exactly the same thing in GAL Canvas. I think this is a bug.

The other two issues I will put in their own posts.


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