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3: Net Connectivity


His third criticism is with net connectivity.

What he did was he has a component with 4 GND pads in a row. He ran a track across them (in the middle) and finished it at the last pad. The Track clearly crosses all pads, however the DRC shows them as "unconnected" when they are really connected electrically.

His complaint is that this is tedious and unintuitive to lay, and wrong from a physical model of the board perspective. That any copper track crossing a pad at any point should be considered connected, because it is, it shouldn't need to touch the centre of the pad, which is an arbitrary anchor.

Its also not consistent with a track that crosses a pad that is not its net. That track, if it touches the wrong pad at any point throws a DRC error, but if it connects to a pad with the correct net (but doesn't end on the pads centre) is considered not connected.

There is an edge case where a track only slightly touches a pad, and is electrically connected, but Not connected sufficiently for the design, but that is not the same thing as being "unconnected" and isn't handled by DRC now in any event.

He IS a new user and he naturally has numerous complaints, most of which result from frustration with learning a new tool, and I talk him through those. But, I think these three points are valid criticisms that the developers should consider in the future. I will make some entries in the bug tracking system to track these, but I wanted feedback first, are these "wont fix" or "feature requests", "bugs", etc.


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