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[PATCH] Right click option to change layer and render color


This patch makes it possible to change the color of layers and render
options using the right click menu. See attached picture:
[image: Inline afbeelding 1]

The motivation for this is the current "double left click / middle click"
being somewhat obscure. I've been using KiCad for over 2 years and recently
found out about the double click method by looking at KiCad's source code
(I stumbled on the middle mouse button method earlier). At one point I even
borrowed a mouse from my colleague to change layer colors when I needed to
open a 6 layer board since I typically use a trackpad without a middle
mouse button. My colleagues, most of whom have been using KiCad for longer
than me, didn't even know changing the layer/render color is possible.

Being able to change properties of a selected item using the right mouse
button is a lot more common in modern GUI applications and is more
consistent with how the rest of pcbnew works.

Seppe Stas

PNG image

Attachment: 0001-Right-click-option-to-change-layer-and-render-color.patch
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