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Hi Oliver,

On 09/22/2017 08:28 AM, Oliver Walters wrote:
> Thanks Jon,
> I was playing around with the idea of allowing keepout zones to exist on
> multiple layers. I have the following functions working:
> - Select multiple layers for a keepout zone in KEEPOUT_PROPERTIES_DIALOG
> - Multi-layer only available if zone is specified as keepout
> - Save / load multiple layers
> - Display correctly in Legacy and GAL
> - Implement DRC on multiple layers
> However, I've just now realised that selection doesn't work! I had to
> implement a layerset for the keepout, but the selection process (click
> select or drag select) use GetLayer() which doesn't work correctly for a
> zone on multiple layers.
> Do you know where the code is that determines if an item is "selectable"
> both in Legacy and GAL ?

This is an interesting idea. Please have a look at
SELECTION_TOOL::selectable() (pcbnew/tools/selection_tool.cpp:1376). If
there are more issues, please push the code somewhere and I can have a look.


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