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Re: GitHub Plugin (my nemesis)



A small slightly tangent suggestion:
Can we somehow remove the need to mention every .pretty repo in the fp-lib-table?
Instead, can we just give a list of folders in which in turn will contain .pretty folders.
This will permit automatic addition of libs if more .pretty libs are created in the kicad official libs (just updating the folder with the official libs will make them available). The descriptions can be moved into a file within each .pretty folder itself.

A second benefit is that the user can manage multiple libs easily. For example, they could have the github repo with all .pretty libs in one folder, an organization library folder with shared libs, or a locally generated folder with local libs, and updating any of the folders will automatically update all available libs shown in kicad..

VCS independent way of managing libs from multiple sources
Easier updating when new libs are created in the kicad official repos.

Need to somehow handle if there are libs in two different folders with the same name.
Each .pretty folder would need it's own description file.

Also, a similar thing could be done for symbol-lib-table.

Gaurav Juvekar