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Deleting layers.


This bug[1] has reared it's ugly head again so I am going to fix it once
and for all before the stable 5 release.  We cannot continue storing
objects on deleted layers in the board file which cause the DRC to pass
connection tests when in reality there are failures.  I don't really
have the time so you should assume that this is going push back the
release.  It probably should be backported to the stable release but
given the code deviations, I don't see that happening unless someone
else feels motivated to do so.  I looked at the existing code and it's
not going to be a trivial fix.  I do not intend to do anything fancy
such as give the user the option to merge objects from deleted layers to
other layers.  I'm going to keep it simple by just warning the user and
removing all objects from the removed layers.  This includes non-copper
layers as well.  I don't see how keeping objects on layers that don't
exist in the board is valid.  I'm not really asking for comments but if
you have any suggestions outside what I have presented I am willing to
entertain them.

[1]: https://bugs.launchpad.net/kicad/+bug/893950

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