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[PATCH] Use wxImage instead of wxBitmap in COLOR4D picker (Fixes LP:1718389)


Hi all,

The COLOR4D_PICKER_DLG has not been working on macOS [1].

Through some experimentation, I found that drawing to a wxBitmap in
createRGBBitmap() / createHSVBitmap() just doesn't work on macOS.  I am not
sure how to fix it, but I did find out that drawing to a wxImage works just
fine, so in the attached patch I switch those two methods to use wxImage.

If anyone can figure out why the wxBitmap stuff works on Windows/Linux but
not macOS, maybe there is a simpler way to fix this, but if not, the patch
could be a good workaround (maybe it's a wx bug?)


[1] https://bugs.launchpad.net/kicad/+bug/1718389

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