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adding support for OCCT


Currently kicad only supports OCE but with FreeCAD moving to occt by default it seems this might not be the best long term solution

Currently OCE (which is 0.18) is based on OCCT 6.9 where as OCCT has released 7.3. This was one of the primary reasons that FreeCAD chose to move to OCCT by default

What i am thinking is

-DKICAD_USE_OCE changes to -DKICAD_USE_CASCADE or -DKICAD_USE_OPENCASCADE or -DKICAD_USE_OCC and the options change from OFF/ON to OFF/OCCT/OCE/ON with ON being autoish.

By default ON would first check for OCE and if its found it would use that, if it was not found then it would check for OCCT. Where OCCT/OCE would force it to use the specific package.

I have checked to see whether kicad can build/run with OCCT and found no issues with OCCT 7.2 except needing to remove 2 #include's, Nick tried it with OCCT 6.9 i believe and found it did not work, then tried with 7.0+ and it did work. but we could say that version 7 of OCCT is required.

OCCT/OCE and their version would also be added to the copy version info window to provide additional runtime/buildtime information for debugging.