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Re: [FEATURE] Eeschema Line Styles


I don't see here you bumped the schematic file version.  Also, I forgot
to mention that you need to add the "Fixes lp:XXXXXXX" to the commit
message when a patch fixes a bug report so that the kicad janitor can
automatically tag the bug report as "fix committed".



On 11/10/2017 11:51 PM, Seth Hillbrand wrote:
> Wayne-
> Thank you for taking the time to look at this patch.  I recognize that
> you and the other devs have a lot on your plate, so I appreciate the
> constructive feedback. I'll approach the list with a sketch in the
> future for large patches.
> I've addressed the coding policy violations and dialog alignment issues
> in the attached patch.
> On Fri, Nov 10, 2017 at 4:40 PM, Wayne Stambaugh <stambaughw@xxxxxxxxx
> <mailto:stambaughw@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
>     Just because you found a work around in the parser does not mean your
>     change does not constitute a file format change.  When someone loads a
>     schematic in an earlier version of eeschema and saves the schematic, all
>     of this information will be lost.  That smells like a file format change
>     to me.  If I were going to accept this patch, it would require a file
>     version bump.  I would also prefer that you didn't use tabs in the file
>     writer.  Did you try loading this with stable version 4 which uses the
>     old parser?
> ​Agreed.  This is a format change and I understand the preference even
> if it is backwards compatible.  I have verified that schematics do open
> as expected in 4.0.5 and 4.0.7 under Linux and Mac.  Of course, 4.0.5
> and 4.0.7 expect file format version '2' and master currently writes
> version '3', so there is the standard warning message about possible
> problems.​  But formatted lines revert to standard graphic lines as
> expected.
> On the tabs issue, I'm afraid I'm not clear which tabs you are
> referencing.  In the current schematic file format, the wire data lines
> are indented with a tab but that has been in place for some time (at
> least since version 2).  But maybe I am misinterpreting your comment here? 
> ​Best-
> Seth​