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Re: Assertion in dialog_symbol_remap in latest master



Please send me a copy of your global symbol library table
(sym-lib-table) located in the kicad folder of your user configuration
path.  There are no sym-lib-table paths with http://github.com/KiCad in
the default symbol library table.  I just checked.  Either you have
copied an invalid symbol library table file or something is broken in
you configuration.  The only other thing I can think of is the somehow
your KICAD_SYMBOL_DIR environment variable is pointing to
http://github.com/KiCad.  It should be point to where the default kicad
symbol libraries are install.



On 11/13/2017 9:30 PM, Jon Evans wrote:
> Hi Wayne,
> I just pulled in your recent changes and got a series of assertions when
> trying to remap the symbol table.  I just ignored them and it seemed to
> work, but something is strange here:
> ../../eeschema/dialogs/dialog_symbol_remap.cpp(306): assert
> "aPathA.IsAbsolute()" failed in normalizeAbsolutePaths():
> https:/github.com/KiCad <http://github.com/KiCad> is not an absolute path.
> (note the single slash after https:)
> I haven't looked in to it closely but wanted to mention in case you
> already know what the cause is.  If not, I can dig in at some point.
> -Jon

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