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Re: Getting kicad to work with wxPython Phoenix


"I was simply afraid that we
may spent a lot of time petting the SWIG interface, which we will nuke
it and start from scratch because of inevitable switch to Phoenix."

I agree. I would suggest that the Python API is not quite stable enough to freeze the API. If we desire a stable interface/API, one could be written in Python itself. I am on the edge of implementing such an interface with KiCommand.

KiCommand, in addition to being a command line interface, is a set of function calls that *could* be considered an API / Python class when complete.

I have reviewed the Python API unit tests and found them to be lacking in coverage. I am duplicating those tests in KiCommand, and plan to extend the KiCommand tests, which could potentially be applied to the current Python API.

If a stable API is desired, there should also be a set of unit tests verifying that functionality.

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