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Re: Tool-assisted selection disambiguation


I’ve got a version of this up and running.

So far I’ve only written one filter which works for dragging a simple track corner, or a non-fan-out via.  But even that is pretty nice.

I’ve got a TODO for a footprint filter for ctrl/cmd-E.  It could also be used for Exchange Footprints and Show Local Ratsnest in case anyone assigned hotkeys to them.

So should I stash this and wait for 6.0, or is this the kind of thing we’re still accepting into 5?


> On 2 Jan 2018, at 13:10, Jeff Young <jeff@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> There’s a bug report[1] which complains that every time you attempt to drag a track corner it asks you which track (when of course they share the same corner).
> The SELECTION_TOOL shouldn’t know about this kind of stuff, though, so I propose to add a client filter to SELECTION_TOOL::RequestSelection().
> Something along the lines of:
> SELECTION_TOOL::RequestSelection( int aFlags, 
>                                   std::function<void(GENERAL_COLLECTOR&)> aClientFilter )
> Comments?
> Thanks,
> Jeff.
> [1] https://bugs.launchpad.net/kicad/+bug/1503679 <https://bugs.launchpad.net/kicad/+bug/1503679>
> [2] The SanitizeSelection() routines might also be candidates for moving to this architecture.

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