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Re: [PATCH/RFC] UI policy: device-independent sizes


Hey Chris,

Since I don't have a HiDPI system to test with, I just want to be sure I
understand this.  Are you saying that even when the dialog size is -1,
-1 which forces the sizers to do their thing that they dialogs do not
get sized properly on HiDPI displays even after controls are filled with
valid data?  One of the issues that I ran into on standard display
resolutions is that quite a few of our dialogs were created with fixed
sizes which can break the normal dialog sizing so I fixed all of the
offending dialogs so they should resize correctly.  I'm a bit concerned
about any code that sets the dialog size rather than allowing the sizers
to determine the dialog size from the contents of the dialog which is
the normal way.  Is this a problem with wxWidget sizers?  If so, has it
be already been resolve?



On 01/07/2018 02:19 AM, Chris Pavlina wrote:
> Hi,
> There is a slight deficiency in our UI policy, as it is written without
> regard to systems having different font sizes or DPI. The sentence
> beginning with "Note that the font used by end users" is a nod to this
> possibility, but it requires the user to set their font size in a
> certain way to have decent dialog sizes, which worked in the past
> because nobody was going around running their systems with 18 point
> fonts. With the increasing popularity of displays having physical
> resolutions much higher than the old standard of 96 DPI, this is
> becoming an unreasonable assumption.
> I've attached a patch with a paragraph addressing the use of "dialog
> units" (wx's device-independent units) for setting the default size of
> dialogs for which the sizers alone do not suffice. I believe this is
> ready for inclusion, though there should probably be some discussion
> here and it's not complete. In paricular, the next paragraph (about the
> maximum size of 1024x768) is very "96 DPI-centric" and should probably
> be totally rewritten, but I'm not entirely sure how.
> For simplicity, here's the paragraph the patch adds:
>     Note that for dialogs with flexible contents (lists, text, etc), the
>     sizers may not be able to produce a reasonable initial size, because
>     they don't know how much data should be shown by default. For this,
>     there is `DIALOG_SHIM::SetSizeInDU()`, which uses device-independent
>     "dialog units" based on the system font size (a wxWidgets feature
>     borrowed from Windows).  Do not set the size directly in pixels, as
>     it is unlikely to be suitable for systems with different font sizes
>     or DPI.
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