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Re: Libedit and Modedit Icons


Look at icons created with people already for impressionshttps://icons8.com/icon/free-pack/files/all
-------- Исходное сообщение --------От: Michael Kavanagh <michael@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Дата: 09.01.18  21:07  (GMT+03:00) Кому: kicad-developers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Тема: Re: [Kicad-developers] Libedit and Modedit Icons 
Is there a reason why KiCad doesn't use the standard save icon, i.e. a floppy disk?I think basically every piece of software I have used has the floppy disk save icon and it might help with the arrow situation.
On 9 January 2018 at 17:42, Wayne Stambaugh <stambaughw@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 1/9/2018 12:05 PM, Rene Pöschl wrote:

> On 09/01/18 16:50, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:

>> I'm with Jose on the arrows.  If we are going to use them, please don't

>> make the all different colors.  I don't see how a blue left arrow versus

>> a magenta right arrow conveys any meaning to the user.



> I like the idea of coloring them differently. For me this will give an

> additional way to distinguish the buttons. (Some of them have only the

> direction of the arrow as a difference. Which is easily overlooked.) I

> hope having different colors will make it easier for my brain to

> remember which button does what. (I can't tell you how often i clicked

> load symbol instead of update symbol while working on the reorganization

> of the official lib.)

What information does the different color arrow convey?  If you are

using different colors for contrast, that is one thing but just making

them different colors for informational purposes doesn't make any sense

to me.  If you are trying convey information with different color

buttons, what is the impact on users who are color blind.


> Maybe there is a better way to communicate differences but if buttons

> look as similar as a lot of them currently do, adding differentiating

> colors might help.


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