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Version string changes.


Just a quick notice to all of the package devs that may impact kicad
version strings used for packaging.  I have changed the way the version
strings are generated in my development repo and I am planning on
pushing this on Friday.  By default git will always be used to generate
the version string using `git describe --dirty` as long as git is
available and the source folder contains a valid .git folder.
Otherwise, the version string will be the contents of the
KiCadVersion.cmake file.  The version string in KiCadVersion.cmake will
be kept current with the git tags and branches so that when someone
builds without git, we will at least know the last tagged version they
are using rather than the current "no-vcs-found".  You will still be
able to append strings to the version string using the
KICAD_VERSION_EXTRA configuration option.



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