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Re: [PATCH] Pcbnew menu bar


Good stuff; I like most of these changes.  

A few  issues:

Show/Hide Layers Manager and Show/Hide Microwave Toolbar should be changed to checkable items (with just the show version of the text).  They should also probably move down the menu so they’re in the same order as the toolbar buttons.

I think I’d use “Zone Display” instead of “Zones” for the zone display options menu.

User Defined Grid… should be moved from the Dimensions menu to just under Show Grid on the View menu and renamed Grid Settings....

Instead of adding a new top-level Inspect menu, how about reorganising the Tools menu:

Read Netlist…
Update PCB from Schematic…
Design Rules Checker
Set Layer Pair…

Alternatively, if others really like the Inspect menu, we should move Design Rules Checker to it as well.

I don’t think I’d move the global editing stuff from the Edit menu to the Tools menu.

Pads Mask Clearance… and Differential Pairs... should probably move to the Design Rules menu?  (Or perhaps Differential Pairs… should go to the Route menu?  Either way it should be renamed Differential Pair Settings….)

Oh, and one of the biggest issues with Legacy vs Modern is that folks think it’s just a view change (not a whole different toolset).  We should move them to the Preferences menu to help clear that up.  They’d go well near Display Settings….


> On 13 Feb 2018, at 22:46, Michael Kavanagh <michael@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> <0007-Pcbnew-Add-missing-tools-to-menubar.patch>

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