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Re: Eeschema Subsheets


> On Mar 28, 2018, at 7:34 PM, Seth Hillbrand <seth.hillbrand@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> ​Hi All-
> I'm working on a bug in renaming sub-sheets.  In testing the fix, I've run up against a set of conflicting paradigms for how subsheets are handled.  I'd like some feedback on how we expect to handle the subsheets.
> Either: 
> 1) we treat them as actual objects such that renaming the sheet's filename renames the file on the computer but keeps the contents unchanged​ or
> ​2) we treat them as links to the objects and renaming the filename​ of the subsheet doesn't change the subsheet's file but instead just changes which file is referenced.
> Right now, we do both depending on whether there is an existing file and more than one reference to the subsheet or not.  This is confusing as it is difficult to determine when an operation will result in actually overwriting an existing file and thereby losing data.
> I'm inclined to make all actions (2).  This would allow a subsheet file to become unlinked from the project if you change the filename referencing it but would not allow overwriting subsheets on disk.
> Does anyone feel strongly that (1) is the correct action?  

If the project is in source-code control, then Kicad renaming a file that’s under that control breaks things. 

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