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Re: Assertion failure in the Symbol Library Editor


I probably should have filed this as a bug report. I'll go do that....

On 04/07/18 22:39, Reece R. Pollack wrote:
I wanted to create a symbol for the Diodes Inc DMN3300U transistor in my private library name "MyParts". Here's what I did:

 1. I attempted to follow the instructions in the eeschema
    documentation section 11.4.1 to transfer the 2N7002 part from the
    Transistor_FET library to MyParts, renaming it in the process, but
    the procedure doesn't work.
 2. I decided to load the 2N7002 part from the Transistor_FET library,
    export the part as a file in /tmp, then import it into MyParts,
    but it also copied the 2N7002 and BSS138 parts.
 3. I deleted the imported components.
 4. I attempted to revert the change entirely. I got a warning that
    reverting was not undo-able, and I said OK. (Everything I care
    about is backed up in a GIT repo on a server.)
 5. Kaboom! Okay, no kaboom. An "assertion failed" dialog box.