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Re: [PATCH] Import attributes and variants from eagle.


Hi Mark-

Generally looks good.  There are a few coding style issues and a couple
questions.  The coding style issues
- else on new line
- empty () should not have spaces
- blank line above if statements

- Why are you storing unknown attributes?  Are these used for something?
- The boolean condition in loadInstance shouldn't be conditionally
assigning the variable.  While your code is correct as written, mixing
tests and assignments will make this difficult to maintain.  Can you adjust
the test for the attribute?

Lastly, it will be helpful if you can use `git format-patch` to create and
attach your patches.


Am Mo., 23. Juli 2018 um 09:23 Uhr schrieb Seth Hillbrand <

> Thanks Mark, I'll be able to test this out next week.
> -S
> Am Mo., 23. Juli 2018 um 01:52 Uhr schrieb <mdoesbur@xxxxxxxxx>:
>> Hello Seth,
>> As requested an example eagle project using variants.
>> regards
>> Mark.