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Windows 5.0 Installer size


Hi, In trying to get KiCad 5 installed in a [locked down] corporate
environment we ran into an issue.  We came upon a limitation of installer
size for our installation management platform and, while it ends up being
our issue to own internally, it did bring up a discussion. Is there any
interest for the packagers to put out an installer without 3d models
included or some other possible similar solution?  The current installer
payload is sitting at exactly 1GB which is arguably a bit heavy even in
today high speed internet world, especially considering the 4.xx series
installers were just a bit north of 100MB.  Other CAD programs offer a
split "light" installer along with a complete installer to accommodate a
variety of needs, but there might be other ideas for accommodating that as

As a secondary note...  Above, the primary concern is installer.exe size,
but I also noticed the installer dialog doesn't allow one to avoid
installing the 4.3GB of 3d models while it does give options for the
footprints and symbols which total about 80MB.
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