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Re: SPICE models and library symbols


Le 13/08/2018 à 15:40, Jeff Young a écrit :
> Cool.  I’ll go ahead and add it for now; it’s only a few lines so it’s
> easy enough to remove if we change our minds.
> (Screenshots attached to show the new alias handling, which attempts to
> not show as much of the internal implementation.)
> Cheers,
> Jeff.

I am not sure to understand what you mean by:
"in LibEdit I noticed there’s no Edit Spice Model… button."
In Libedit, it is in Symbol Field dialog.

Just keep in mind all fields are fields of the root symbol, and aliases
share these fields, but cannot have specific fields.

Only 3 specific strings are related to a given alias:

So, If you change the symbol settings dialog, try to make very clear the
fact aliases do not have specific fields.

>> On 13 Aug 2018, at 13:26, Wayne Stambaugh <stambaughw@xxxxxxxxx
>> <mailto:stambaughw@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
>> Spice models are a specific type of optional field where in the past the
>> symbol library editor has only supported generic optional field editing.
>> I'm not sure if spice model field editing needs to be part of the
>> symbol library editor but I don't see any harm in it either.
>> Cheers,
>> Wayne
>> On 8/13/2018 7:31 AM, Jeff Young wrote:
>>> While overhauling the Symbol Properties dialog for LibEdit I noticed
>>> that there’s no Edit Spice Model… button.
>>> There’s no reason to exclude it, is there?  I assume I should go
>>> ahead and add one?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Jeff.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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