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Re: Anything I can do for GALification?


On 24/08/18 17:09, Tomasz Wlostowski wrote:
> On 24/08/18 16:43, Jeff Young wrote:
>> Hi Tom,
>> Is there anything I can do to help out with the GALification effort?
>> I’m just trawling the bug list right now, and while there’s plenty available, fixing them might not be the right priority.
> Hi Jeff,
> Yes, there's plenty of things you can help with. I'll push the code I've
> written so far tonight and give you a list of missing bits&pieces.

Hi Jeff,

Here's the branch, rebased on the latest master:


What's missing is (probably there's more):
- the library viewer doesn't display the components,
- missing GAL-based preview widgets in the dialogs (component chooser, etc.)
- misaligned pin/text labels
- wrong rendering order in the library editor/occasionally in eeschema
- printing using cairo (Orson's working on it for pcbnew, as soon as his
code's done we can use it in eeschema).


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