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Re: [PATCH] Add preferences dialog hotkey



I see, I thought the HIG comment was about Cmd vs Ctrl. My mistake. 

I have no really strong feelings (plus hotkeys are customisable). It's certainly not weird to use Ctrl-,. At least, some Mac-esque programs on Linux also use that.

I don't think it's that problematic to have the defaults initialised on a per platform basis in the source. We probably would need to make sure that duplicate keys are safely handled if they are not already, as it would be easier to inadvertently cause conflicts when specifying for different platforms. 

In the longer (v6) term, when the legacy hotkey mechanism is dead, perhaps the definition of default hotkeys can move into a central place, rather than being spread around all the tool definitions? Perhaps even not in code but as a config file. Would certainly be easier to see the default settings at a glance and arrange them carefully. But while legacy exists, it's a bit trickier to make changes to the system. 



On 17 October 2018 23:00:40 BST, hauptmech <hauptmech@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>I don't think my last post communicated what I wanted so I'll try
>Michael chose ctrl+',' as the hotkey because it matches the Mac Human 
>Interface Guidelines.
>On the Mac platform, starting with any other hotkey will cause problems
>with users.
>It appears that the other platforms don't really specify a 
>preferences/options/settings hotkey, and we need to work a bit harder
>choose a hotkey but so far 100% of the people that care enough about 
>this to suggest one have suggested something other than ctrl+','.
>I think this indicates the need to preload the user config directory 
>with a platform specific hotkeys file.
>Until then, ctrl+',' is the best choice in my opinion because it 
>adversely affect the fewest number of people.
>On 17/10/2018 11:00 AM, John Beard wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'd suggest perhaps Ctrl-Shift-P, which is used by Inkscape. P with 
>> various modifiers is fairly common shortcut for preferences: 
>> https://defkey.com/search?irq=Preferences
>> I feel like Ctrl-, might be useful as paired hotkey with Ctrl-. (eg 
>> increase/decrease)?
>> Cheers,
>> John
>> On 16 October 2018 22:24:51 BST, Michael Kavanagh 
>> <michael@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>     Hi,
>>     Attached is a patch that assigns Ctrl+, (Cmd+, on Mac as per the
>>     to opening the preferences dialog and adds the hotkey to all menu
>>     menus.
>>     Please note this causes a conflict with the "Interactive Router
>>     Settings..." hotkey in Pcbnew (pcbnew/hotkeys.cpp line 275), so
>>     should be set to something else. I didn't know what to set it as
>so I
>>     left it. Perhaps require shift or alt?
>>     Also corrected the "hokey" typo throughout.
>>     Cheers,
>>     Michael
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