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KiCon 2019, a KiCad user conference


Hello KiCad Developers!

As Seth alluded to earlier in the year on this list, we are indeed having a
KiCad user conference in 2019. In contrast to FOSDEM, which is the primary
place that KiCad developers gather, this will be focused on the people who
use KiCad for hobby projects, education and professional use. I have been
really excited to see growth in all of those areas over the years.

*First and foremost, we're looking for talk proposals. Please apply to give
a talk about KiCad here <https://kicad-kicon.com/submit-a-talk-proposal/>.*

Many of you are also KiCad users on a regular basis, so I assume you could
give interesting crossover talks about using the tool in your every day PCB
design work...and then integrating a new feature as you see fit (awesome!).

As for the other details, we're getting a lot of stuff figured out still,
but the main thing is that it will be held in Chicago IL in April of 2019,
looking at the last Friday and Saturday (26,27). I recommend you hold off
on buying plane tickets as of yet, and instead wait for there to be ticket
sales and talk acceptance.

The main site for KiCon 2019 <https://kicad-kicon.com/> has other
information about the current state of planning, so please read there
before asking on this list.

As we've had discussions about KiCon over the past few weeks, I got really
excited to share best practices with other users and to learn more about
how to use KiCad even better (I use it every day for my consulting work
now). I think this will be a great opportunity to build and even stronger
open source community for building electronics.


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