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kicad-dev-nightly PPA builds for artful outdated?


Hey folks,

I've been trying to update to the latest nightly build, but it seems
that the PPA has stopped building version for artful (17.10). The latest
version is:

kicad  201807190649+829ba27~83~ubuntu17.10.1  js-reynaud (2018-07-19)

(from https://launchpad.net/~js-reynaud/+archive/ubuntu/kicad-dev-nightly)

The other distributions in the PPA have today's build available.

Was support for artful intentionally dropped, or is something wrong somewhere?
I'm not quite how the process behind a PPA works, apparently.

I also looked at the build logs around the time of the last succesful
build, and it seems there have been no (failing) attempts after that, so
it looks like artful builds were just switched off?

I'm interested in the Artful build, since I'm running Debian/stable and artful
seems to match stable best (installing bionic replaces libcurl3 with libcurl4,
require an upgrade of half my system to testing...)

Any chance to get the artful builds up-to-date again? Anything I can do to help?



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