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Re: Python scripting build broken on windows.


Hi Wayne, Seth,

On 12/11/18 7:51 PM, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
> FYI, swig does not support unique_ptr or weak_ptr yet[1].  If you change
> any code in pcbnew that gets swigged using these pointer templates, the
> python scripting will fail to build.  If you want to use unique_ptr, you
> will have to create a swig wrapper for it[2].  SWIG does support
> shared_ptr so that may be an option.

Sorry for the build errors and thanks for the quick reaction. I have
seen unique_ptrs all over the KiCad code, so it has never occurred to me
that they need a special treatment for SWIG. I will find another
scripting-friendly way to fix the memory leaks.


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